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Open Communication

Having Open Communications is more than just an “Open Doors” policy. It takes a servant attitude and the desire to listen to the community I am serving, more than hearing my own voice. As Judge Executive, I believe building a great community takes the efforts of everyone in it, and that starts with open, honest, two-way conversations.

As Judge Executive, I would plan to have, at the minimum the following:

  • Quarterly Town Meetings – a true town meeting to allow open conversation, honest conversation between the executive branch of the county and the residents we serve, with open forum time to allow us all, as a community, to collaborate and solve problems.
  • Monthly Department Meetings – meetings with department heads to address issues before they become problems and plan for the future.
  • Monthly Leadership Meetings – short, monthly sessions with the mayors of the cities in our County to coordinate our individual goals with our joint goals as a cohesive community.
  • Availability – not just in person, but also by phone, email and social media.

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Learn about Myron Miller's Open Communications policy as Grant County Judge Executive.