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Meet Myron Miller

Miller Family
The Miller Family

I appreciate you wanting to know more about me. My family has lived in Grant County for several generations; I was raised in Crittenden, graduated from Grant County High School and left for college. Before marrying, my wife, Summer, and I talked a lot about where we should live and where to raise a family. Thinking back on my childhood, I couldn't imagine a place better than Grant County; I loved growing up in Grant County, the people and everything about it was still home. So, six years ago (April of 2012 to be exact), I moved my family and my business back to Grant County.

Like many of us, I didn't worry about the day-to-day business of the County... it was running and seemed to be doing well. It wasn't until the last few years with all of the budgeting issues, bad ethics decisions, embarrassing national media attention and more that I really started getting involved, attending the Fiscal Court meetings and realizing just how important and necessary the position of Judge Executive is, and how having the wrong person in the office can so detrimentally affect us all. That just didn't set well with me, so I started thinking about and looking into what the responsibilities of a Judge Executive are, and what it would take to run for office.

Myron Miller
Myron Miller

With a degree in Architectural Design, I have had many opportunities throughout my career working with clients all over the world. My experience has included designing single family homes to developing master planned communities (several hundred homes with recreation and daycare centers and more within them), to building retail shopping sites and hospitals. I really enjoyed those projects, but I have found that my niche - where I thrive and really enjoy the work - is in project management, specifically in taking projects that others have lost hope in or are almost closed due to poor performance, and turning them into the most successful and profitable projects on the books. I have done this by evaluating the short and long-term problems, finding and implementing solutions for now and the future, simplifying procedures and eliminating everything holding the project back. I have done this with small, struggling businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations. From what I have observed of our County, we need someone in the office of Judge Executive with this exact expertise.

Grant County’s Future Depends on Your Vote!

As Judge Executive, I believe it is my job to put your hard earned tax dollars to work for you to provide a safe community that you are proud to call home. My overall goals as Judge Executive are:

  • To put processes and procedures in place that will ignite economic growth.
  • To bring back the community and family values that this great county was built on.
  • To restore the structures and values, both fiscally and ethically, that our past generations work so hard to instill in us all.
  • To provide facilities that the community can utilize to nurture a family environment for our children and our grandchildren to call home.
  • To make Grant County a place you are proud of, and to create the growth that allows us to maintain our small town charm while still providing the jobs and opportunities that will allow our children and their children to live here for generations to come.   

My main platform for Grant County Judge Executive is simple: 

No personal agenda, come up with solutions not problems, roll up my sleeves, put on my boots and get dirty!

Myron Miller is running for the office of Grant County Judge Executive in Grant County, KY. Find out more about Myron Miller and his plans as Grant County Judge Executive.