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County Employee Compensation Plan

Currently, our County does not have any written compensation plans for the hiring, promotion and raise process for our employees. Starting salaries, raises and other decisions are made at the department level at the discretion of the hiring party.

As Judge Executive, I would propose that we create a fair Compensation Plan outlining salary ranges appropriate for each job. The salary ranges would be based upon the positions duties and responsibilities, and a candidate’s education and experience at hire. We would also set probationary periods where new hires would be required to be vested before receiving employee benefits.

Also, no job, especially not ones so important to our County, community and families, should receive a flat pay increase simply for being hired. I would propose that the raises and other rewards we offer to all County employees be based on performance. This creates an environment where hard work is expected and rewarded and not doing your job well is not.

What's your opinion on this? I'd love to hear from you!