What is a Judge Executive?

What is a Judge Executive?

When people hear the term "Judge Executive" their mind usually has a picture of a judge presiding over a courtroom, most likely someone who needs experience or education as an attorney; however, the position of Judge Executive in Kentucky has not had any judicial responsibilities since 1975.

In other states and Commonwealths, what we in Kentucky call "Judge Executive" others call "County Executives", because this position requires the Judge Executive to act on behalf of the County, just as as the Chief Executive of a corporation would act on behalf of their com... Read more >




Open Communication

Open communications is more than just “Open Doors”. It takes a servant attitude and the desire to listen to the community I am serving, more than hearing my own voice. As Judge Executive, I believe...  Read more >

Tax and Spending Reform

As Judge Executive, I would evaluate the current County taxes being collected, and make collecting outstanding and grossly past due taxes a priority. I will make sure that the tax dollars being spent by the County are going toward programs that the people of Grant County need and want, so that we are able to see the benefits of our tax dollars at work.  Read more >

Employee Compensation

Currently, our County does not have any written compensation plans for the hiring, promotion and raise process for our employees. Starting salaries, raises and other decisions are made at the department level at the discretion of the hiring party.  Read more >


Economic Development & Tourism

We have a wonderful county with beautiful views and great people.  As Judge Executive, I will utilize my business experience and expertise to bring the type of economic development that Grant County needs, without sacrificing what we love out about our close-knit community. 

Because of my commercial and retail construction experience, I am very familiar with what businesses both large and small look for in selecting development sites, the costs required to develop them, and what it takes... Read more >

Community Involvement

We can’t address the troubling issues within our community such as drug addiction (especially concerning heroin), grandparents raising children, homelessness and more without really listening to the community and investing in our community and supporting families. Strong community involvement fosters support for families and creates an environment for lower crime rates, better work environments, and lower drug...   Read more >